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The municipal administration of Lubbeek wants to revalue its cultural heritage and to make it more accessible, in a more sustainable way. The elaboration of an educational path to discover the heritage fits this purpose. This educational path is supposed to offer a walking route in order to discover the cultural heritage in the centre of Lubbeek. Information boards – installed here and there along this walking route – provide details about this heritage. The educational path especially focuses on a young public, in order to allow children to discover this surrounding heritage concretely and through their senses. Therefore, this information should be linked to the social environment and interests of the children. By concretizing this information in a playful way, we want to intensify their experience of the heritage.

This project is estimated at 45.000 Euro, of which 60% is funded by LEADER, a European program for rural development.

Initiator: Town Council of Lubbeek          

LEADER subsidy: € 26.634           

Contact: Peter Vann Assche - - 016 47 97 04

Duration: 2010-2011