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The Paenhuys is still the largest meeting place in Hoegaarden.
However, the building has been negatively assessed by the fire service and needs to be altered to suit the needs of the various local associations that use it as their premises.
In consultation with the Youth Centre and the municipality of Hoegaarden, Interleuven has developed a plan to completely renovate the interior; there are also plans for some new building work. The lower floor and first floor will be managed by the youth centre. Facilities will include a drop-in room and party room downstairs, rehearsal rooms (for new groups) and classrooms (for the many courses that are organised for young people there).

Initiator: Municipality of Hoegaarden

LEADER subsidy: € 112.200

Contact person: Bart Hendrix - 016 76 87 00 -

Duration: 2012-2014