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This project relates to the insulation of youth premises – specifically the ‘De Zwik’ youth centre in Bekkevoort – Wersbeek, which serves as an ideal meeting place for young people and is used for a wide range of activities for the young people of Bekkevoort and surrounding districts.

In the first instance, the insulation work will be carried out by the ‘Energiesnoeiers’ (‘Energy Savers’ – a social employment scheme). As well as receiving effective insulation, the young people will thus discover an element of society that is less familiar to them. In a subsequent phase, a leaflet will be compiled about the social economy, together with tips on rational energy use, coupled with a reduced energy bill.

Initiator: Municipality of Bekkevoort

LEADER subsidy: € 3,000

Contact person: Marijke Van Hoofstat - Eugeen Coolsstraat 17, 3460 Bekkevoort - Tel: 013 46 05 78 - Fax: 013 32 29 77

Duration: 2012