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The Hageland is particularly rich in natural stone. The ironstone heritage is the most typical and unique characteristic of the regional landscape of North Hageland. In South Hageland, the geological heritage primarily consists of Tienen quartzite and Gobertange stone. The regional landscape agencies for North and South Hageland have already devised separate projects relating to natural stone. Through the submission of a joint project by the two agencies, the aim is to present Hageland to those from outside the area as a single name.

Within this project, the plan is to undertake the following actions:

- the development of a specific geo-cycle route

- an analysis of all tourist facilities to identify opportunities for natural stone

- the development of a tourist brochure on natural stone

- the setting up of various public actions (information evenings for the general public, large public occasions on the subject of ‘From quarry to building’)

Initiator: vzw RLNH

LEADER subsidy: € 19.320

Contact person: Katty Wouters - Gelrodeweg 2 - 3200 Aarschot - 016 63 59 54 -

Duration: 2012-2014